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 Welcome to Coastal Country.  We are a family owned business that has been many years coming into fruition . Being raised on the beach and in a coastal setting, I've always had a love for anything to do with the coast.
But living out my dream of retiring on a farm and raising horses has broadened my appreciation of all things simple. We will be offering many items for your consideration..from fabulous artwork to simple images on anything we can think of to make your life better....we hope you will join us on our journey as we share what we feel is a whole new concept of joining our love for all things coastal and country .

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One of my greatest inspirations is the horseshoe ,with my love for horses it just seems natural to want lucky horseshoes all around. Legend says that you should always have your lucky horseshoe turned like a "U" to catch luck.....I decided to not take any chances and turn them every which way but will see lucky horses in a lot of our items.....Check out the picture on page2
Shells are another of my inspirations.  I remember walking on the beach as a little girl and picking up sand pails full of shells. They are some of my fondest memories I have  of my grandmother.   So it is combining my love of All things Coastal and All things Country that continues to inspire everything we do.  
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